The Magic named ‘You’

Hey You, the one who is struggling, who has fallen, who has encountered a loss…Feeling depressed? Demoralised? Does the situation seem too hopeless to change? Have you given up on any positive possibilities? Yes, I know exactly how that feels. It’s excruciatingly painful and totally exhausting. Been there, done that. Don’t worry. You are not alone. I know you are tired of hearing this as … Continue reading The Magic named ‘You’

A silent dialogue

The evening was finally here…THE evening. The one they had waited for so long… …to experience the solitude of togetherness they had desperately longed for. And while acknowledging the intense longing, they had hoped and waited. Imagining and anticipating this evening…which was finally here. Now nothing else mattered; neither the past pain nor the future uncertainty. Hearts resonating, they were simply in the Now and … Continue reading A silent dialogue

Build yourself

Often do we find ourselves at the crossroads- having travelled certain tiresome yet rewarding path, considering the next one to move on to; we find ourselves stuck in a rut. To cope up with the uncertainty of the future, we remind ourselves of the wisdom acquired from the previous venture, promise ourselves not to repeat the same mistakes again and decide to be hopeful for the next … Continue reading Build yourself

Let’s have a Musical Time

Hi everyone, This week, I decided it was time to make a new art journal layout and started searching for a theme. But I couldn’t think of any personalized one so I dove into the challenges blogs. This particular layout is inspired by many such challenges. First and foremost, I liked the theme “Music” by ‘Addicted to CAS’ and “Time” by ‘Crafty card makers’ challenge blogs. … Continue reading Let’s have a Musical Time

Happy birthday, my sweet little Bro

Hello everyone, I am so happy to connect with all the art enthusiasts. This is my first blog. I have recently started art journaling. This particular page is dedicated to my younger brother who had his birthday this week. No matter how old he gets, he is always going to be my little brother, isnt he? And showering him with presents is not gonna stop. Every … Continue reading Happy birthday, my sweet little Bro