About me

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Asawari Padhye. I am from India. I am an engineer by profession with Masters degree from both India as well as Germany. I have learnt an Indian classical dance form called ‘Kathak’ for a long time. Artist at heart, I have enjoyed card making and scrapbooking for my loved ones right from my childhood. I have started exploring the exciting world of art journaling just a while ago.

This blog is going to be my journey mainly on the routes of Art journaling. I might take a detour once in a while and visit scrapbooking, card making, Zentangle or mixed media cities as well.

A completely innovative world of mixed media art journaling intrigued me when I came across YouTube videos of Vicky Papaioannou (clips-n-cuts). She has been my first inspiration to start creating. Soon the works of Marta Lapkowska (Maremi Smallart), Marjie Kemper (MKdesigns), Sara Evans (myserenitycrafts) gave me an insight into the never ending creative possibilities in art journaling.

Despite the limited availability of craft supplies with me, it’s so tempting to play with my imagination. I am hoping to have a lot of fun, stimulate my creative mind and stay motivated! I have found that I reach a blissful world while establishing my layout.

I am an enthusiastic learner and I know that there are plenty well experienced artists out there. I would love to connect with all of you, share art and receive constructive comments.

Thank you for visiting. Let’s have some fun!