Hi there,

I am Asawari. I am an engineer by profession. While I enjoy that, I have discovered and cherished the artsy girl in me more. This blog is going to be my journey mainly on the routes of Art journaling. I might take a detour once in a while and visit scrapbooking, card making, Zentangle or mixed media cities as well.

Until now, I have enjoyed Zentangle, scrapbooking, card making etc., some of which decorated my house and others turned out to be thoughtful gifts for my loved ones. I am constantly looking for more ideas and inspirations to explore the artist in me.

One day, sitting in my office, workless and bored, I started such search routine and found some videos about Art Journaling by Vicky Papaioannou (clips-n-cuts). I found them so intriguing that I couldn’t help but watch one after another until I realized it was time to go home! It became my routine. Soon I was also inspired by the works of Marta Lapkowska (Maremi Smallart), Sara Evans (myserenitycrafts) as well. I started reading blogs and watching videos every day. It was like an addiction. The next step was to actually start the process and create a layout.

Well, it was quite difficult for me to get the supplies given the expenses and availability. I just got some acrylics, some specific color pens and markers and decided to print out the rest as required. I already had some scrapbook and gift papers which would definitely be useful. And thus, I headed towards my first ever art journal page. Woohoooo!

I am really fascinated by the possibilities to explore in art journaling and it’s so tempting to play with my imagination. I am hoping to have a lot of fun, stimulate my creative mind and stay motivated! I have found that I reach a blissful world while establishing my layout. I forget about everything else, all my worries and focus all of my positive energy on making it what I want it to be. Isn’t it absolutely refreshing?

I am a learner and I know that there are plenty of well experienced artists out there. I would love to receive constructive comments and suggestions from all of you. I wish to contribute from my end as much as possible.

Looking forward to new inspirations,