Personalised birthday gifts

Hey gorgeous folks, How are you doing? Hope this finds you in peace. I am writing after a long duration. I had been enjoying my time with family, celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, going on family vacation and now at my home with my parents. I am carrying a very few supplies and was mostly able to work digitally, creating illustrations on my ipad. … Continue reading Personalised birthday gifts

An Art a Day: Small gestures of creativity

Hey there lovely people, How are you doing? Today I am just stopping by to share a couple of creations- a card and an ATC. Each one of them showcases a new technique that I wanted to try out. Both the designs are quick and can be created with a very few supplies. So I hope the beginners would find something useful from this post. … Continue reading An Art a Day: Small gestures of creativity

Distress inks and Watercolor blending: A simple monochromatic card

Hello again! Sometimes with the crafting process, you cannot predict the final outcome. Sometimes you might end up with something different than you had imagined. But it opens up a whole new set of creative possibilities and of course you get to learn, as always! I often experience such happy accidents. Do you? Today I am presenting one such pleasant surprise to you. This post … Continue reading Distress inks and Watercolor blending: A simple monochromatic card

Scrapbook on the wall: Lord Ganesha festival

Hello wonderful people, It has been a while since I posted here. I spent the last couple of weeks preparing for and celebrating the Ganesha festival at my home place. This post describes how I used my crafty skills for the decorations this year. For those who are unfamiliar with this festival, I would like to give a brief idea. The Ganesha festival is celebrated … Continue reading Scrapbook on the wall: Lord Ganesha festival

Live your dreams – Embellishments

Hey lovely folks, Isn’t it exciting to chase after what you really feel passionate about? Something that makes your eyes sparkle when you talk about it. Something that you have always dreamt of. Even when you know it’s not going to be fast or easy, even if others are possibly trying to steer us into other directions, even though you are too busy or too … Continue reading Live your dreams – Embellishments

My beloved circles

The world is made up of energy. Well, vibrations of energy; at different frequencies. Everybody has got their own share. By interacting with another human being, an animal or even a non-living object, we resonate at a particular frequency and exchange our share with one another.  The energy we transmit could be positive or negative, encouraging or hindering, grateful or blaming. I believe that in … Continue reading My beloved circles

The Magic named ‘You’

Hey You, the one who is struggling, who has fallen, who has encountered a loss…Feeling depressed? Demoralised? Does the situation seem too hopeless to change? Have you given up on any positive possibilities? Yes, I know exactly how that feels. It’s excruciatingly painful and totally exhausting. Been there, done that. Don’t worry. You are not alone. I know you are tired of hearing this as … Continue reading The Magic named ‘You’